Player Roles

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1 Player

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As leader of the Mafia team, the Don orders the death of the victims for the first three nights. This is done by showing the numbers of the intended victims to their fellow team mates during Zero Night (we call it “zero”, because nobody dies during that night at the beginning of the game).

Each night, after Mafia shoots, the Don is given an opportunity to identify the Sheriff. In doing so, the Don silently indicates his suspicion by showing to the moderator the number of the player whom they would like to check and receives the answer accordingly.

Even if the Don was successful in finding the Sheriff, they cannot kill him right away; the Don has only received KNOWLEDGE about the most dangerous player within the red team. The Don has to successfully communicate this information to their fellow Mafia teammates in a covert manner so that they can prioritize the killing of the Sheriff.

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2 Players

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These players are the crew of the Don. although the Don is the main decision maker for all collective mafia actions, the moderator accepts the orders from the Don only. The Mafia members cannot open their eyes during the night – and thereby secretly communicate during the day – except during night zero. On all other nights, Mafia members must shoot with closed eyes at the players agreed to shoot during night zero as directed by the Don, unless otherwise understood during the daytime.

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1 Player

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The Sheriff is given an opportunity each night to investigate the identity of another player. The Sheriff silently indicates to the moderator whom they would like to investigate, usually by pointing at the player they suspect. The moderator indicates whether or not that player is a Mafioso by nodding or shaking their head. The Sheriff is also on the Red Team, having knowledge of who is on their team is key in forming teams and ruling out who not to suspect.

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6 Players

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This player is simply a Citizens that has no special powers. This players goal is to communicate and figure out who the Mafia is by conversation. It is very important to remember key phrases and words to establish when other players are lying or trying to deceive the other citizens. This player has an advantage by having 6 total players at the table. Being able to form teams helps identify which players tend to agree with everyone. (Usually the Mafia who need to form alliances to stay in the game).